To convert data from ASCII format to MetaStock native (binary) format, you can use the Equis Downloader product which can be found on your MetaStock installation CD.

These instructions outline the steps you need to take to convert ASCII data (the data you download) into a format that MetaStock can read. MetaStock data format is also used by other charting products such as OmniTrader and therefore these instructions are also applicable to customers using those products.

Step One

Install Equis Downloader. This can be found on your MetaStock installation CD.

Step Two

Download your data from sfproject and store it all in a folder on your computer. We would recommend that you create a new folder called C:\EODData\ and that you create sub folders for each exchange you want to download. For example, create a folder C:\EODData\NASDAQ\ for your NASDAQ data. Using the Download section of our website you can select the exchange and the date you would like to download:

When you click on the link for a given date the following form will appear and you should click on the 'Save' button to save the files locally:

Select the folder you would like to save the data into (you should always use the same folder for each exchange):

Step Three

Convert the data into MetaStock format using Downloader by selecting ‘Convert’ from the ‘Tools’ menu:

Select the Source and Destination Folders:

If you click on the Options button, you should see the following screen:

The Destination tab should look like this (please ensure that the ‘Traverse destination folders checkbox is checked):

If you click on ‘OK’, you will be returned to the ‘Convert Securities’ form:

Step Four

When you click on ‘OK’, your ASCII data will be converted into MetaStock format.

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